Life Group Guide

By Michael Tiberi | May 12, 2019


Sun, June 9, 2019

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Philippians 4:14-23

Open with a song and prayer. Where is everyone reading these days? 

For kids: Go over memorizing (and explaining) one of the 10 commandments or the Lord's prayer.

Remember we have one more life group after this one. Sometimes it's fun to have a cookout or a game time for the last group. Feel free to enjoy a more relaxed life group on the last one.


1. (serious) Which was your favorite chapter in this book? Why? 

2. (fun) What's your favorite food? color? 

3. (fun) If you were a super hero from the comics, which one would you be?

4. (serious) Where do people most often look for contentment? 


1. In what ways does our generosity demonstrate our spiritual maturity or lack thereof? Think of Matthew 6:21 when answering. "“Where your treasure is there your heart will be also."

2. How does generosity and regular giving to the local church demonstrate God's ownership over a believer (Mt 6:33, Seek first...).

3. Why is it that God can use both poor and rich people to give generously? Can you think of a time when you sacrificed to give when you really didn't have much to give?

4. The Philippian church was extremely poor (2 Cor 8-9), yet they were the only church to give consistently to Paul (4:14-16). What are some ways we partner with saints in our local church and around the world? How does our partnership make our generosity more attractive?

5. Paul was not mainly interest in their financial gift, but in the "fruit that increases" to their credit (4:17). How is it that our giving gives us a spiritual return?

6. We learn that our gifts to our local church and missions is live an Old Testament sacrifice - God loves the smell of a generous heart (4:18). What are some things in our flesh that smell bad to God? (stinginess, guilt giving...) What are some things in our heart that smell good?

7. What did Paul mean when he told the Philippians that God would supply all their needs (4:19)? Can we claim that promise for ourselves? How do you explain Christians who have unmet needs for food, clothing, or shelter? 

8. Paul's life mottos are found throughout the book of Philippians. One of them is in 4:20, "To the glory forever and ever". What's your life motto from the book of Philippians?

9. Paul ends with a greeting from Caesar's household, who were really considered to be "unreachable" in many ways, yet God reached them through Paul. Who might be some who seem to be "unreachable" in your life? 


1. Is there anything that you want more of? If so, does that desire keep you from being content? 

2. Was there a time in your life when the power of God enabled you to be content in a difficult circumstance? If so, when? How do you draw strength from Christ? 

3. Who are the people who support you? To whom are you a support? If you need a discipleship group, make a commitment to begin building a support network this week. 

4. Do you feel you are generous in your giving? Why or why not? Have you ever given sacrificially? Have you ever been the recipient of sacrificial giving? 


Seek out an opportunity to give something to someone in need. 


1. Thank God that contentment is not dependent upon circumstances. Ask God to help you learn the secret of contentment. 

2. Pray for how you can adopt a missionary and what that means as far as helping them with fellowship and finances.

3. Pray for the "unreachables" in your life to be reached.